Michael Rincon - ex-Career Coach turned freelance writer, consultant and agency owner

👋 Hey, I'm Michael.

My name is Michael Rincon. For years, I loved coaching as a career coach, but I felt frustrated.

I was inconsistent in attracting my ideal clients. I had to deal with the boring tech stuff like email automation and Zapier triggers. 🤦‍️

So I went on a journey to get this “marketing” stuff handled and realized…

I enjoy writing a lot more than I do coaching! But I noticed that most of my peers in personal development don’t feel that way…

So, I started Winfluential Media to support leaders in the personal development space!

We create conversational marketing content, handle boring tech stuff, and build content plans!

This frees up work for personal development coaches, thought leaders, and content creators…

Allowing them to focus on creating transformations, connecting with their audience, and inspiring change. 🎉

🏆 The Winfluential Way

It’s essential to create an experience that makes your audience feel like, “wow, this person gets it!”

This means…
• Research of the ideal client and competitors
• Studying the brand voice and style
• Split testing to maximize conversions

I’m a former career coach. I know first-hand how frustrating it is to deal with smooth-talking, unresponsive freelancers and agencies.

With Slack, calls, and status reports, you can relax knowing you’ll have visibility on the work!

When you work with me, you’ll see I’m 100% dedicated to making you my next case study.

Ready to grow?